Unveiling the 98 Series Employer Identification Number: Benefits and Usage for United States Citizens

In the intricate world of tax codes and business regulations, the 98 series Employer Identification Number (EIN) emerges as a unique identifier, garnering attention from United States citizens seeking clarity on its purpose and advantages. This blog post delves into the specifics of the 98 series EIN, exploring who should use it, its benefits, how to obtain one, and dispelling common misconceptions.

What is the 98 Series Employer Identification Number?

The 98 series EIN is a specialized type of Employer Identification Number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for specific non-profit and government entities. Unlike the standard EINs, which begin with a two-digit prefix, the 98 series is designated for select organizations that fall outside the typical business structure.

Benefits to United States Citizens:

  1. Government and Non-Profit Recognition

   – The 98 series EIN distinguishes organizations that operate for government or non-profit purposes. This recognition is crucial for gaining tax-exempt status and eligibility for various government programs and grants.

  1. Grant Application and Funding

   – Entities with a 98 series EIN have an advantage when applying for grants, as it signifies their commitment to serving the community or a specific cause.

Who Should Use 98 Series Employer Identification Numbers?

The 98 series EIN is specifically designed for:

– Government agencies

– Non-profit organizations

– Certain types of trusts

Can United States Citizens Have 98 Series Employer Identification Numbers?

While United States citizens can be involved in organizations with a 98 series EIN, individuals themselves cannot obtain a 98 series EIN for personal use. This type of EIN is reserved for specific entities with a non-profit or government purpose.

Why Would a United States Citizen Need a 98 EIN?

A United States citizen may need to be associated with a 98 series EIN if they are a part of a non-profit organization, a government entity, or a qualifying trust. This affiliation is crucial for obtaining tax-exempt status and accessing various privileges granted to non-profit and government entities.

Does Having a 98 Series EIN Make United States Citizens Not Obligated to Pay Taxes?

Having a 98 series EIN does not exempt United States citizens from personal tax obligations. While the organization itself may be tax-exempt, individual citizens remain subject to personal income tax regulations.

What is a 98 Series Employer Identification Number Example?

An example of a 98 series EIN would look like 98-1234567. This format helps identify the EIN as part of the 98 series.

How to Get a 98 Series EIN:

To obtain a 98 series EIN, eligible organizations must apply directly with the IRS. The application process involves submitting the necessary documentation to prove the entity’s non-profit or government status.

Can 98 Series Employer Identification Numbers Be Used for Business Purposes?

The 98 series EIN is not intended for regular business purposes. It is specifically designed for non-profit organizations, government entities, and certain trusts. Businesses operating for profit should apply for a standard EIN.


In conclusion, the 98 series Employer Identification Number serves as a distinctive marker for non-profit organizations, government entities, and specific trusts. While United States citizens may be involved with entities possessing a 98 series EIN, the number itself is not applicable for personal use. Understanding the benefits and limitations of the 98 series EIN is essential for navigating the complexities of tax regulations and organizational recognition.

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